Hollingsworths galore

Between seeing a Fred Hollingsworth house on a West Vancouver home tour earlier this month and two of his current houses currently on the real estate market, this is turning into a Hollingsworth month. As luck would have it, one of the latter will have its open house this Saturday from 2 to 4 pm at 3635 Sunnycrest Drive in North Vancouver.

The two sisters are selling their late father's house and are hoping to sell it to someone who can do justice to the work. The house has not been altered and is still the way Fred hollingsworth designed it. I hope to get some better ones during the open house to post here.

Meanwhile another gem is up for grabs in North Vancouver. It is a real star. Moon Residence is such a quintessential earlier Hollingsworth - a perfect mix of Wright's influence, West Coast design principles with a character that is all Hollingsworth. An outstanding design. The listing provides great images to give you a sense of the place:

There is also a video:

I will add the house from the tour shortly too!


leela said...

thank you so much for this! i am one of the sisters that you mentioned selling the hollingsworth house on sunnycrest. our parents bought the house from the original owners, the watts, we believe in 1965 or so.

it is our greatest hope an interested buyer will want to renovate the home and maintain it's integrity as much as possible. i look forward to other photos you may have taken at the open house, too.

i hope you also had a chance to meet fred's wife and daughter at the open house who were there to take pictures to show him.

the moon residence is stunning, too!

thank you again for sharing the photos of such classic west coast modern homes designed by such a inspiring pioneer of that era.


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Kyla said...

This home is an absolute stunner, looks like a perfect west coast oasis.